Nuts and Fruits in Hilly Areas Project


  1. ADB grant- 10 million USD
  2. ADB concessional loan- 60 million USD
  3. GAFSP grant- 9 million USD (Administered by ADB)
  4. GAFSP grant (TA) – 3 million (Administered by WFP)
  5. Government of Nepal- 14.45 million USD
  6. Total: 93.45 Million USD

Executing Agency (EA)

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Kathmandu

Implementing Agencies (IAs)

  1.  National Fruit Development Center (Center Project Management Unit) (1)
  2. DoAD of province no. 1, Gandaki, Bagmati, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim Province (Project implementation units) (5)
  3. Nepal Agricultural Research Council (1)

Project Beneficiaries

The project will increase the agricultural income of approximately 40,000 beneficiary farm households in 100 municipalities in hilly areas of five provinces and will be achieved through

  1. Development of approximately 10,000 hectares (ha) of fruit and nut orchard development
  2. Value-addition to nuts and fruits produced by 30,000 households
  3. Institutional capacity building for nursery and horticulture sector management
  4. Vegetable and other nutritious crop production in 1,000 ha and its marketing by 10,000 smallholder households who are not capable of investing in fruit and nut orchard development in the project provinces.